Sunday, January 22, 2017

The suspected rape was broadcast on Facebook – the Express newspaper

Police are investigating a case of suspected sexual assault against a woman, which was filmed and sent out live on Facebook during Sunday morning.

Three men have been arrested is reasonably suspected of aggravated rape. They are born in 1992, 1996 and 1998.

He pulled her clothes off and lay down over her, ” says 21-year-old Josefine Lundgren, from Suffolk, who called the police when she saw the live broadcast.

the Alarm about the suspicious sexövergreppet against a woman – who is alleged to have been virtually completely knocked – come in to the police at 8.24 on Sunday morning. Then the police tips from several people about an ongoing rape that were sent out live in a closed Facebook group.

In the group, which has several thousand members, are written daily posts with both questions and requests to the other members. The group is characterized by the fact that many posts have an unrestrained tone.

During the live broadcast, there were laughter, mockery and degrading comments. the "You have been raped.", said one of the men to the woman at the end of the broadcast – then he laughed.

“Three against one, hahaha.", stated one of the comments to the live broadcast, where it also sporadically appeared in the comments who defended the men in the video.

The suspected abuse, which can be classified as rough rape, took place in an apartment in Uppsala, as police snatched out.

In a video clip that shows slutsekvenserna from the event to see how the police step into the picture and interrupt transmission.

” I don’t want to at what stage we come in, if you still sent or not. But read on our website. We put out the info, we can go out with, says Nina Dahlström at the police in the region of the Heart.

Three arrested

Three men were arrested at the scene on suspicion of rough rape. During the day they have been arrested on the lower misstankegraden. Men born in 1992, 1996 and 1998. The victim is born in 1986.

the Apartment, where the alleged rape occurred, has been closed and has been examined by forensic specialists.

The person arrested 24-year-old has several previous convictions from the county and the court of appeal for, inter alia, for drug-related offences and ill-treatment. At the end of april last year, he was released conditionally free from a four-month prison sentence. The probation period for the release is still ongoing and will expire later in the spring.

Andreas Welin is the defender to 24-year-old.

” I have not had time to talk with him. To my knowledge, it has not held any hearings, it should not have made it, ” he says.

Are there any interviews booked?

“No, it says in the proposal for the public defender that it would be held during the evening but they seem to have changed,” says Andreas Welin.

Previous arrest – in the same facebook group

It is not the first time that police are called out after a live broadcast in the current group. At the end of October sent a group of students live from their school in Solna, where they among other things pointed out another student who would shoot young people at the school.

Even at that time, snatched the police out and stopped the shipment. Seven people were arrested for unlawful threats against the group.

One of those who saw söndagsmorgonens live broadcast on Facebook is the 21-year-old Josefine Lundgren from Suffolk.

Josefine Lundgren, saw the broadcast and called the police.Photo: Private

He pulled her clothes off and lay down over her. When he was finished there he had apparently filmed and photographed and put it up on their own Snapchat. He showed it in his phone in the live broadcast.

Josefine Lundgren called the police directly. A few hours later she saw a police officer in uniform came into the picture in the broadcast.

Josefine, 21, saw the suspect raping

She also explains that she saw a third person in the live broadcast took out a gun and threatened the viewers. the “Come then!”, he should have said with the gun in his hand.

” this is totally sick. It is only sick people who do such a thing. More people should care and act, what makes me the most pissed is that over 60 of them sat and watched, but it was just I and a to who called the police, ” she says.

I hope these guys is sitting and is ashamed and realizes what they have done.

“It is screwed, totally sick”

A person who had been a member of the closed facebook group explains:

– One thinks first and foremost: How can you do such a thing to a girl and how to make it live when you know you will go there? I think of course that it is screwed, totally sick. I felt myself, when I heard about it, that now it was enough.

During the morning session went Facebookgruppens administrator out and invited the members to not share materials, but instead, send it directly to the police.


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