Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The height of preparedness in hospitals after leak – the Express newspaper

A water leak in the municipal water supply makes to accommodation on the western side of the Göta älv river in Trollhättan have to boil their drinking water.

It will apply in two days forward, the head of Trollhättan Energy.

– Boil up the water so it bubbles and avoid using the coffee machines where the temperatures do not reach up to 100 degrees, ” says Jenny Cronblad, Trollhättan energy.

At NÄL is the height of readiness. Water is supplied in tanker and in bottles.

During the night, a leak occurred in the municipal water supply in Trollhättan. It means that everyone who lives in Trollhättan on the west side of the Göta älv river must boil their drinking water. It will last for at least two days forward.

” We need to wait for two answers to be on the safe side. We take samples now and have started to cook vattenläckan. Then we take new samples a day. Before then, the water may not be drunk. It is enough that you are boiling it up to 100 degrees so that it bubbles properly, ” says Jenny Cronblad, Trollhättan energy.

Advise from the coffee machines

She says that the man also discourage you to use coffee machines and the like because the temperatures are not going up to 100 degrees.

” We’ve got a water leak on one of our water mains. Why can we not say at the moment. It will affect many subscribers. We have got to stop the leak but now we are going to cook it so we get the lead again, ” says Lars Sandblom, responsible for drinking water in Trollhättan energy.

the Height of preparedness at NÄL

On the Northern Älvsborg county hospital, NÄL, is the height of preparedness after vattenläckan. The water at NÄL is not deemed drinkable at present.

” As a precautionary measure, we consider the water as non drinkable. Now is the time to inform staff and patients about this. The care goes on as normal, although staff may take to the special procedures in some cases where they can not use tap water. This will apply today and tomorrow. Drinking water will on the truck and it supplied large amounts of water in the bottle, ” says Niklas Claesson, communications manager in the NOW-the health care system.

In a day around 3000 people in the hospital in Trollhättan, and one does normally with about 4 000 liters of drinking water.

– Emergency activities carried out as usual and planned activities can take place with some delay, ” says Niklas Claesson.


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