Wednesday, January 18, 2017

RIGHT NOW: Loader and train in the severe accident – the Express newspaper

A passenger train and a backhoe loader has crashed outside Vaggeryd.

A large räddningspådrag has been going on at the site.

the Driver of the arbetsfordonet have life-threatening injuries.

“He is brought by ambulance to the Ryhovs hospital in Jönköping, sweden,” says Fredrik Kliman, the police spokesperson in Jönköping, sweden.

There are major traffic problems on the county road 799 and long queues have been formed.

the Accident occurred on Wednesday morning between Vaggeryd and Hok, to the south of Jönköping. A passenger train and a work vehicles, a backhoe loader, has crashed.

– How do I know not, ” says Gunnar Hansson, internal command of the emergency services in Jönköping, sweden.

According to the police, has the loader been on the track when the train came occupants.


the Driver of the arbetsfordonet, the loader, has received life-threatening injuries in the severe accident, said police. According to Jönköpings-Posten has the driver flung out in the crash.

According to the police, eleven people on board the train.

– There are eight passengers and three crew members. None of these others have received serious injuries. Some have stated that they have pain in the neck and someone has been bleeding from the nose, ” says Fredrik Kliman, spokesman for the police in Jönköping, sweden.

the Driver has been brought by ambulance to the Ryhovs hospital in Jönköping, sweden.

SVT News, Jönköping state that arbetsmaskinen was severely debilitated after the accident.

Police are now carrying out interviews with passengers and staff on the train and all those involved in the accident are recorded.

Road and rail traffic turned off

Road 799, which runs parallel with the track, are currently totally switched off.

– There are major traffic problems between Vaggeryd and Hok. It is cold there right now. We are working to eliminate as much as possible. Salvage teams are on their way to the site, but it is a vehicle that weighs between 10 and 15 tonnes, to be moved, so it is not sure that it goes by so fast, ” says Fredrik Kliman just before half past twelve on Wednesday.

He explains that there is no opportunity to lead on the traffic.

train services have been cancelled, and between Vaggeryd and Nässjö. According to the Swedish transport administration replacement buses to a limited extent. The stations affected are Hok, Malmbäck, Nässjö and Vaggeryd.

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