Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Karolinskachef: Must follow the rules.

once again, have problematic research and treatment at the Karolinska university hospital come up to the surface. – We must always follow the rules, says master kai fa Melvin Samsom to TT.

Previously it was about Paolo Macchiarini and his artificial trachea. Now it is the experimental treatment, with cells from the placentas, which, without the hospital has received permission from the relevant authorities.

at Least 68 seriously ill people, including several children, have been treated since 2011, but the whole thing has been stopped.

” I think obviously it is extremely serious and unacceptable. Again, has the necessary permits are not obtained, ” says Peter Carpelan (M), landstingsråd in Stockholm.

” It undermines the confidence of the Karolinska. There must be better order and find out, ” he says.

His landstingsrådskollega, Anna Starbrink (L), also comments on the latest incident.

“I think it is very important that we have physicians and researchers who develop healthcare and helping to save sick people’s lives, but it must of course be done within the framework set by the regulations provide,” she says.

Something that master kai fa at the Karolinska university hospital, Melvin Samsom, agree.

” We must always follow the rules, is master kai fa Melvin Samsoms comment to TT.

– the Responsibility lies with the scientists and the operations manager to ensure that the rules are being complied with, he continues.

TT: What is your responsibility?

” My responsibility is to, when the things in question end up on my table, ensure that the action is done. The research was stopped, patients were followed up, the department head was replaced and it was made an external examination.

things To go right to it in the future is also his responsibility, according to him.

” We started talking about it for more than a year ago. I talked with all the managers, and asked them to look at all activities within their respective areas to ensure that the rules are known and followed.

He also mentions the recommendations of the Kjell Asplund’s investigation of Macchiarini-case.

Landstingsrådet Anna Starbrink (L) says she has confidence in Melvin Samsom.

He implements the changes that Kjell Asplund’s investigation outlined. It is important that he does it, and it is so his credibility is being built. I think that the measures you take in the hospital is real. You have to continue to work with these issues and it is my opinion that he does, actively, ” she says.

TT: What do you think about that it has happened again, so to speak?

” I hope that there is more, but if it does I want it also. I want it to be transparent and clear, it is on the credibility of the citizens.

the Facts: Macchiarini-deal in brief

2010: the Surgeon and the researcher Paolo Macchiarini is employed as a visiting professor at the Karolinska institutet (KI). While employed, he was a part-time consultant at the Karolinska university hospital (KS).

2011-2012: Macchiarini performs three operations with the artificial trachea in KS. Two of the patients are now dead. A living, but treated at a hospital in the united states.

2013: KS stops all further operations with the synthetic trachea.

in 2014, on Three different notifications in which Macchiarini accused of research misconduct is submitted, one of a belgian scientist and two of the four doctors at KS.

2015: Neither the institute’s ethics council or the vice-chancellor considers that the Macchiarini has been guilty of misconduct. However, the ends of his chair and he gets a temporary position as researcher.

2016: the SVT broadcasting the documentary series “the Experiments” where Macchiarinis research question. Several key positions within the KI are leaving their mission: Urban Lendahl, secretary of the institute’s nobel committee, vice-chancellor Anders Hamsten, dean of research Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, rektorsrådet Jan Carlstedt-Duke. KI dismisses Paolo Macchiarini.


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