Monday, January 16, 2017

Mountain rescue at the Stora sjöfallet – NSD

The two men who went out to fish, and not have come back, ” says Mats Andersson, officers at the police regionledningscentral.

the Men should have given out on their scooter, and started from the Stora sjöfallet.

” They would have been back in the afternoon or the early evening, but we have not heard from them other than something TEXT message during the day. It is almost non-existent mobile coverage, ” says Mats Andersson.

At the 02-the time during the night of Monday, had fjällräddarna come to the spot and launched the search, which gave results, at 05 o’clock in the morning.

-Fjällräddarna has done a great job, as usual. The two men are found in a cabin, but it all turned out to be due to a misunderstanding about when they would be back, ” says Mats Andersson.


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