Thursday, January 19, 2017

The centre party is not ready to drop the government – Expressen

SD’s leader, Jimmie Åkesson welcomes Anna Kinberg Batras vengeance and promises to help trap Löfvens government.

But the alliance is fragmented and Annie Lööf says no to bringing down the government.

– Centre stand by it that we thought for a long time. We will not form the government with the active support of the SD, and we don’t want to cooperate with SD. I don’t want to throw out Sweden in a political circus, ” says Lööf.

Moderatledaren Anna Kinberg Batras move on Thursday morning struck down as a bomb. She wants to go forward with a common Alliansbudget and thus pull the rug out from prime minister Stefan Löfvens opportunity to bring its policies. The sweden democrats Jimmie Åkesson was quickly out and welcomed the news.

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Jimmie Åkesson: of Course we would vote for a alliansbudget

– If you listen to what she actually says, it is that she wants to implement its policies as soon as possible. It can not mean other than that she wants to take our support in order to trap the government Leaves.

it Is obvious that the SD will vote for a alliansbudget, if it is such?

” Yes, of course it is. We have said in an early stage. It is a given that we are doing it. But what happens after that is more unclear. It depends on the policies they wish to pursue.

Jimmie Åkesson (SD) would vote for a alliansbudget.Photo: Sven Lindwall

The contacts takes you now with the reason of this news?

” My staff gets in touch with Anna Kinberg Batras staff. I would like to have a clarification meeting to see if they are serious that they want a change of government as soon as possible. What do they expect of us, and what we can expect of them. Constant information through the media is difficult to manage. It’s best if you can have contact directly.

Oscar Sjöstedt, do not agree with Jimmie Åkesson

But from SD’s ekonomiskpolitiske spokesman Oscar Sjöstedt, it sounds different.

He says that it is not “absolutely sure” that the SD vote through a alliansbudget.

– Completely safe, we are absolutely not, but we are very open to it. It depends on what it contains.

” If they’ll put a budget must, of course, C and M agree on migration policy. If you do it, and how to do it will be important for us, ” says Oscar Sjöstedt.

He also says that it is not certain that SD voted in Anna Kinberg Batra as prime minister if it would be current.

the Christian democrats rejoice, reportedly to Expressen, to the news despite the fact that it does not exclude election – risky for a party that has long been under the latch parliament.

Stefan Löfvens (S) the government are living dangerously if Anna Kinberg Batra gets that she wants.Photo: Anna-Karin Nilsson / ANNA-KARIN NILSSON, EXPRESSEN

Annie Lööf do not want to trap the government Löfven

Centerledaren Annie Lööf launched a blixtinkallad press conference to lift the troubled world.

– The required stability.

Now is the time to sharpen the policy proposals and to increase the voters ‘confidence,” says Annie Lööf who want to see a new alliansregering and replace prime minister Stefan Löfven, S.

“But it is necessary to have the voters ‘support,” says Lööf, who now want to aim for a new campaign.

And say, thus ‘ no ‘ to a common alliansbudget and to trap the government.

– Centre stand by it that we thought for a long time. We will not form the government with the active support of the SD, and we don’t want to cooperate with SD. I don’t want to throw out Sweden in a political circus.

Annie Lööf want to focus on political issues

Loof says that she got the news via text message late last night about the Conservatives new information and says that she talked on the phone with the M-leader and the other opposition parties.

the Loof was asked, “damaging to the alliance?” and answered:

” It would have been good if we in 2017 focused on presenting sakpolitiska proposal.

the Administration Jonas Sjöstedt, calling the announcement “seriously”, and ask if there are any alliance left and connects the news to the Conservatives bad opinionsläge.

– To open the door for racists is a bad response.

– Now it is Annie Lööf and Jan Björklund, who determines if there is a Swedish sphere with the spine.

do you Think that they have a backbone?

– When it comes to Annie Lööf, I hope that she says no. When it comes to Bjorklund, there is a little more uncertain, he swaying here and there, but I hope that there is no liberal left in the Liberals.

KD-leader Ebba Busch Thor is expected to give interviews at 12.

the Express newspaper is looking for prime minister Stefan Löfven, S, L-leader Jan Björklund and the Green party both mouthpieces.


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