Saturday, January 14, 2017

The answer from the hospital: “Can understand the frustration” – Expressen

the Situation at the hospital is out of all control, mean staff at the hospital.

the Criticism hails tightly and several doctors wonder how they’ll be able to maintain patient safety.

– basically, it is very positive that our staff react so strongly, ” says Görel Nergelius, chief medical officer at the hospital.

The recent internal criticism of the Sahlgrenska university hospital has reached a large spread.

“I’m heartbroken and pissed. Patients waiting in the emergency room to be hospitalized for 2-3 days and beds are not even on the intensivavdelningarna,” wrote the doctor Valeria Castro in a much-publicized Facebook post.

the Criticism consists of, among other things, of a fear of not being able to have the care that is needed and that the waiting times become so long that the patient safety on the wards was compromised.

the Tense situation

Görel Nergelius, the medical director at the hospital and she is highly aware of the current crisis.

” right now We have a very high demand on our emergency departments, with approximately 10 to 15 percent more patients than usual. Of course it depends of many factors but among other things to do with the flu, and the weather conditions.

Nergelius mean that one of the reasons for the strained state depends on the difficulty in recruiting and retaining nurses – something that is not unique to the hospital.

– It is a national problem with recruiting and retaining nurses. We work a lot with how we are to maintain the unique skills. We want to create a better working environment by taking advantage of the unique skills.

the Doctors feel frustration

With too little staff and a great patienttillströmmning it is difficult for the staff to catch and doctor has testified about a great ethical press.

” I can understand that the employees feel the frustration. It becomes a distress when they feel that they can’t do and provide the care that they want. It, in itself, is an expression of care for the patients and a passion for their profession which basically is very positive, says Nergelius.

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According to the doctor Valeria Castro, the hospital’s congestion is not only dependent on the current influensaperioden, but rather a system error.

Görel Nergelius do not agree with:

” What I know, we have no evidence that the strained situation has led to that any patient would have been affected. There is absolutely no reason for patients to know the uncertainty in the turn to the hospital, ” says Görel Nergelius, chief medical officer at the hospital.


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