Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prosecution for snusfiffel in mångmiljonklass – Aftonbladet

Crime. Six people are being prosecuted at the district court of having contributed to the tax evasion for the handling of large quantities of snuff. According to the prosecutor, over 200 tonnes of snuff been brought to Sweden from another EU country without being declared right. The result was that the state is missing out on at least 76 million in excise duty.

the Prosecution from the serious fraud office covering the events during the more than five years, beginning in 2009.

Five people, among them a 70-year-old woman, is being prosecuted for serious tax evasion. A man who is accused of having arranged transport prosecuted for aiding and abetting an offence of tax evasion.

Four of the defendants live in Skåne, while two are written abroad.

the Prosecutor describes the operations that a comprehensive approach with “advanced vinningskriminalitet”.



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