Sunday, January 22, 2017

No gripen for the shot against man in skyddsväst – Aftonbladet

Crime. Than have no been arrested for the shootings in Malmö, where an 18-year-old man in skyddsväst were injured.

– No arrest, no suspect, said police spokesman Calle Persson.

the Teenager, who was shot in Fosie yesterday evening, is not convicted for any serious crime – but is on a list of persons that the police have had special supervision of, Sydsvenskan writes.

the Man, whose injuries are assessed as serious but not life-threatening, wore a bulletproof vest when he was shot. The police was alerted after he entered a grocery store and sought help.

– He ran into the store and said “I am shot in the leg, call an ambulance”. I saw how the blood flowed on him, and I called for an ambulance, says a man who works in the store to Sydsvenskan.

Calle Persson, however, can not confirm whether he was hit in the leg or not.

– The lower part of the body in any case, he says to TT about the teenager’s injuries.

the Police believe that a stairway nearby is the scene of the crime. The site being fenced off for a technical examination, barriers that were lifted shortly before midnight.

– most of The work is done, ” says Calle Persson.

In other respects, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear.

– It remains to investigate further. He was shot to be heard a little more in depth.


Last year there was at least 23 shootings, where someone shot another person, in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Ten took place in the Stockholm region, 7 in Malmö and 6 in Gothenburg, sweden.

the Number of people who have been shot to death, calculated on the whole country, has gone up and down over the past 16 years.

the Year 2000 was shot 22 people to death by someone else. Then dropped it back but rose to 21 in 2007 and 22 in 2009.

the Number fell again, but was back on the 22 of the year 2013.

2014 was the killings of 25 and 2015 was 31.

the Figure for the whole of Sweden and for 2016 is not finished yet.

Source: the national Board of dödsfallsstatistik, the police and the Sydsvenskan



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