Saturday, January 14, 2017

Murdered boy was shot several times – Smålandsposten

the Boy should have been on the way home after training when he met the two men. According to The data, attack the him directly when he got off the bus in the herb Garden.

The first shots reported to have met the boy’s legs, and torso. Thereafter, should the shooter have begun to take from the place, but turned, and fired another shot towards the boy – now in his head.

According to The sources used was a grovkalibrigt weapons and hope to save the boy’s life was basically out before he was taken to the emergency room.

Police spokesman Lars Förstell would neither confirm or deny the data for the TT.

– I comment on some of the details about utredningsläget, ” he says.

No one has been arrested for the murder.

– We continue on the current path with the investigative efforts we have started.

According to Lars Förstell there are no signs of links to other shootings or murders in the area. The police consider it an isolated event.

” Here there seems to be a different background than what we have seen at previous events.


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