Thursday, January 19, 2017

Attempted murder and outside the hospital – the police chase after the perpetrators – Aftonbladet

A man in his 20s was roughly beaten outside a hospital in Värnamo, sweden.

– Two young men should have run from the site, ” says Fredrik Kliman at the police in Jönköping, sweden.

It was at 17.37 which the police was alerted to the Värnamo hospital after a raw ill-treatment. Two men have assaulted a man in his 20s roughly.

– It should have been done with weapons and the wounded man has injuries that required emergency hospital treatment.

After the beating the two men have left the site running in the direction of Doktorsgatan.

A number of polispatruller now hunt for the suspected men.

– We have staff remain on site outside of the hospital, and we continue to interrogate those who may have seen something but we need more witnesses, ” says Fredrik Kliman.

the Area outside the hospital have been blocked off for a technical examination.

– We have made some finds at the site of the subject, may be important in the investigation.

Yet at 20.30, the police had either been suspected of committing or been able to keep the hearing with a wounded man.

A preliminary investigation regarding attempted manslaughter has begun.

Police urge witnesses to contact us with comments and tips on the telephone 114 14.


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