Monday, January 16, 2017

88-year-old woman nedbrottad and robbed – Aftonbladet

Two men robbed and assaulted 88-year-old woman in huddersfield on Monday. The plingade on her door, forced his way in and pushed her down on the floor.

– A neighbor heard the scream and went there but then they were gone, ” says Albin Näverberg at the police.

the Robbery took place at half past six on the Monday afternoon. Two masked and mörkklädda men called at the home of an 88-year-old woman in Taunton, Huddinge.

When she opened the door penetrated the into – and went to wrestle her down on the floor.

– since Then they have resorted to some valuable things and left the place, ” says Poker presstalesperson Albin Näverberg.

A neighbor heard the woman’s screams and came to her apartment. When was the robbers gone, and she alerted the police.

– the Woman was very shaken. It was difficult to get data for a good while because of the shock, ” says Näverberg.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and it is not yet clear how serious her injuries are.

– If you brottar over an 88-year-old woman, it is the risk of any bone breaks down in the body. It is fragile at that age.

the Police have to get the tracks to go on, we know not how the men took from the place. There is no indication that they have been collectively.

– And there is no further description on them, more than that they were hooded and dark face. A must have been long and narrow and a little knubbigare, ” says Albin Näverberg.

They have talked to the neighbours and knocked the door in the area during the evening.


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