Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mom and her two children killed by train – Aftonbladet

Mom and her two children killed by train – Aftonbladet

A new arrival woman from Afghanistan and her two small children have been hit and killed by train, north of Örnsköldsvik.

– She ate breakfast and then went out with the kids said Patrick Hollinger, one of the rulers of asylum accommodation she was staying at.

The woman from Afghanistan was with her two small children bussed up to a temporary asylum accommodation on small town Trehörningsjö north of Örnsköldsvik on Friday, January 9th.

“seemed happy”

She and about 30 other asylum seekers had previously lived on asylum accommodations in Skåne.Kvinnan was, according to Patrick Hollinger, between 30-40 years old and she was housed with their two children at about one and three years in a little red cottage.

– She could neither speak Swedish or English, so it was a bit difficult to communicate with her, but she seemed very nice and happy themselves, he said.

This morning she came and ate breakfast together with the rest of the accommodation, and dressed then to go out. One kilometer from the accommodation lies the railway crossing where the train ran on her and the children.

The accommodation was alerted by an asylum seeker man come and gone shortly after the woman and the children.

– He ran back here and told.

shocked and saddened

It was at 10:20 o’clock that SOS Alarm alerted. Police, fire brigade and ambulance were called to the scene.

At 11:30 pm police said that all three died of his injuries.

Patrick Hollinger says that all asylum accommodation, including the Afghan woman, has taken walks into the village and then a day passed the railway crossing.

– She had no other family to come here. But the others here knew the her and are terribly shocked and saddened now.

What he knows the woman should not have seemed depressed or said anything especially to someone before she left this morning.

Guarded transition

According to the Transport Administration was a freight train People were struck by.

The accident occurred at a railroad crossing, but other circumstances surrounding the accident are still unclear.

– The information I have received is that there is a guarded transition and that it has worked, says Håkan Wiberg.

There is shutdown of trains on the scene after the accident.

Police suspect currently no crime. They are working to hear witnesses on the scene.

– We have heard at least one person and are looking for several who may have seen anything, says Mats Rasmusson, duty officer at Västernorrland police.

has set up a crisis group

The rescue and police are now working among other things to take care of the driver and other on-site.

– There seems to be a lot of witnesses around and I have taken the municipality POSOM group, says Håkan Wiberg.

POSOM groups performing acute crisis support and crisis. A community center will be established for those who need support. Assembly Hall is located on asylum accommodation.

– We summon our local crisis teams to meet up with those who might have witnessed the accident. Right now, we gather resources to meet as many people as possible, says Mats Gidlund, POSOM coordinator in Örnsköldsvik.


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