Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ygeman: Tougher anti-vapenbrott – Göteborgs-Posten

Listen to the alarms! The police have not just one crisis, but three parallel crises, each of which requires more action by the interior minister Anders Ygeman (S) than a devious formulation. Photo: Stig-Åke Jönsson, TT

Interior minister Andreas Ygeman says that he wants to see a faster lagförning for vapenbrott. – They should be able to be judged in the same week, ” he says in SVT:s Agenda.

Interior minister Andreas Ygeman want to see tougher anti-vapenbrott, he announced during Sunday night’s broadcast of the SVT:s Agenda.

currently, persons who violate vapenlagen arrested and released in the same day.

– It is unreasonable that those who are arrested with illegal weapons being placed. We may either change the häktningsreglerna or to increase the penalties and have the faster legal proceedings.

Ygeman: “judgment day”

In the present situation, it is required a minimum sentence of two years in order to be arrested. If the crime does not correspond to it, placed the suspect on the loose.

It would Ygeman see a change in. According to him, one should explore the possibility to arrest the persons or bring those to justice for the same day as the offence is committed.

– If you have illegal weapons on you, you can’t really be judged on the day, but we do not do today, ” he says in SVT:s Agenda.

“No servant in waiting”

the home secretary mean that the government will now review the proposals to see if it’s faster prosecution of the persons responsible for vapenbrott.

People who violate vapenlagen should be able to be tried in the jourdomstolar, ” he says.

“There is no servant in waiting, neither the suspect or the possible victim,” says Andreas Ygeman in SVT:s Agenda.


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