Sunday, November 27, 2016

Major problems in the winter weather – Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Just in time for the first Sunday of advent has a new snowstorm had swept in over Sweden. Sweden is right now between a high pressure in the west and a low pressure in the east, and therefore it has been considerably windy until late on Friday.

the Swedish meteorological and hydrological institute has warnings out for Upplandskusten, Öland and Gotland. The strong wind has been the Destination Gotland to cancel or postpone several ferry trips. For the same reasons set tours with Holmöfärjan in Västerbotten, sweden.

– Those who must venture out should take it carefully and think about it. You do not need to leave, you can stay at home and adventspyssla, ” says Therese Fougman, weatherman at SMHI to SvD.

A class 1-warning valid at Upplandskusten. Örskär at Upplandskusten and Fårösund have had very high wind speeds.

– There has been a storm in the villages, ” says the meteorologist Marie Strong at the Swedish meteorological institute.

It has been snowing heavily in Stockholm, which has caused problems in traffic because it is slippery on the roads. In the afternoon hit the airport of the delays but also the green metro line has been beset with delays and cancellations of trains.

” We have had some delays due to slippery tracks. I have not received any signals that the bus network has had problems, but overall tends to be so when there is snow and slippery, ” says Claes Keisu at SL’s press office.

– It will get more snow in the northern part of the county and along the coast, so where I think it may be more trouble for the buses.

Several traffic accidents have occurred. In the Stockholm area was cumbersome on the roads and more than 30 accidents occurred in the slipperiness.

“It is clear more than usual,” says Sven-Erik Olsson, presstalesperson on the Police.

A tree that fell down over an overhead contact line caused the halt in train services between Fagersta and Ängelsberg.

the Storm has also done several households to be without power. Around 10 000 households are without power in the Village.

– The big disruption is in the Skutskärstrakten in northern Uppland, where approximately 4,200 subscribers are without electricity, ” says Lars-Åke Linander, press officer at Vattenfall, TT.

SvD’s reporter Louise Andrén Meiton reports of some delays in public transportation, but when the Lock went on the buses as they should. Photo: Louise Andrén Meiton

In the night subsides, the snow and wind in the Upland, and when it splits, it may begin to freeze on the roads. Over northern sweden draws a varmfront with snowfall in from the west. In a swath from the northern Lapland down over Angermanland, it can be 5-10 centimeters of fresh snow.


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