Sunday, November 27, 2016

Experts to impose dangerous grip at the tvångsutvisning from stockholm-Arlanda airport – Sweden’s Radio

the Grip was, according to the coroner a contributing factor to a man died at a expulsion at Arlanda airport in 2015.

It reveals the Calibre in the day.

Ingemar Thiblin, professor of forensic medicine at Uppsala university and one of Sweden’s foremost experts on lägesbetingad oxygen says of the grepptekniken.

” I don’t think this is a good method, I see the risks associated with it.

It has previously emerged that the dangerous grip used by the police, it has, inter alia, the Echo reported. Right now it system, and a grip that is used for forced expulsions.

the Man who died at the an expulsion order 2015 made resistance, and was then repeatedly pressed down obliquely forward when he sat in a seat. According to the pathologist contributed nedtryckningarna together with that the man was uppvarvad and were cramped into that he died of asphyxia.

the Two carriers were suspected only of involuntary manslaughter, or alternatively misconduct but the investigation was shut down, among other things, for that they followed the Correctional instructions. In rekonstruktionsfilmer made after death, show the carriers how they pressed down the man. There are images from these films that the experts got to see.

John Parkes, a phd in medical science, is one of England’s foremost experts on how the different grabbing can affect your breathing. In 2011 he published a study that showed how the breath is affected if you keep someone sitting down leaning forward.

– the Decline of lung function was much larger than we had experienced in other studies.

Technology thus providing the greatest impact on the breath they had seen in their studies. And also John Parkes judge Correctional technology.

– I would simply not do so. Do not press forward. I would not educate people to do it.

the Grip is not used in the Swedish police as it is considered too dangerous.

But Jonas Lexell who works at the Correctional institution’s security unit with the methodological development of security courses says to press obliquely forward is the safest technology they have been able to find. But after the Caliber started to review this, they should review their methods.

– Now work is under way and to review our techniques if they are appropriate or if we need to change anything.

But do you use still the technology that you hold any obliquely forward?

“Yes we do,” says Jonas Lexell.

the Whole of the examination, you will hear in the Caliber of P1 at 10, or in the bbc Radio Play.


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