Sunday, November 27, 2016

Crushed between cars at the hit and run accident – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden the Man was crushed in the night stuck between two cars after a hit and run accident. another man suspected now, among other things for serious drink-driving after being found bloody in a ditch. – He ran from the scene, but was quickly found by our patrol, said Ulla Brehm, police

Three cars collided early Sunday morning on highway 40 between Borås and Ulricehamn.

” There is a serious accident. A car has stopped in the hard shoulder because of car trouble. Then it has come a drive to to help, and stood behind. Then have a third car driven into the front, ” says Fredrik Zetterlund, internal command at the Boråspolisen to bt.see who was first to tell you about the serious accident.

A man should have stood between the two stationary cars, and was crushed between the cars. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

” He must have received injuries on the legs. Data from the site in the night talking about the serious, but not life-threatening injuries, said Ulla Brehm.

the Driver of the car that run into the other, ran from the scene after the crash but was found by police in a ditch nearby, He suspected now for the serious drink-driving, hit-and-run from an accident and causing bodily injury.

” He was found bloody in the ditch and were also run to the hospital. He has also been involved in a traffic accident, an accident he is suspected to have caused the. A person who alerted the SOS stated that a person had left the place on foot and that person was probably drunk, and then we found the person in the ditch, ” says Ulla Brehm.


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