Sunday, November 27, 2016

SMHI warns of snow and strong wind – Aftonbladet

Strong gusts of wind combined with heavy snowfall can cause problems in the country’s eastern parts.

SMHI warns of slipping, drivbildning and trees likely to fall across the roads.

– If you don’t have to go out, I recommend that you keep inside, ” says Therese Fougman, meteorologist at SMHI, sweden.

The strong wind will stop the ferries to Gotland and the Åland islands.

the First Sunday of advent comes with the really bad weather at several places in Sweden.

Along the Upplands – and Roslagskusten and on the island of Gotland and Öland class 1-warn SMHI for the strong gusts of wind. Along with the snowfall, this could make for big trouble.

– We can see drivbildningar that can be difficult to get around in. Moreover, rainfall is quite wet, so if it freezes it can become icy on the roads, ” says Therese Fougman, meteorologist at SMHI, sweden.

– It will most likely not be so nice to be outdoors in this weather. If you do not have to go out, I recommend that you keep inside.

Stop for ferries and trains

Further, the snow that settles on the electrical wires causing power outages. There is also a risk of snowfall will lead to trees snap and fall across roads.

” It gets very gusty wind. If you run, and so will a wind gust of 20-25 metres per second, so it can be uncomfortable. If you’re going out and running is really the time to be extra careful, ” says Therese Fougman.

road Users should plan carefully and expect that the trip will take longer than normal.

And the wind has caused some traffic problems, both at sea and on land.

On the east coast will be several ferries left at the dock because of the hard wind. Destination Gotland has set kvällsturen from Nynäshamn to Visby. In the opposite direction is the Monday morning ferry set. The ferry would have departed from Oskarshamn at 20.10, has been postponed to 08 o’clock on Monday morning.

Also, Eckerölinjen, which runs between Grisslehamn and åland Eckerö, stops all departures during the day. Traffic is expected to resume at 10 o’clock on Monday.

Between Västerås and Fagersta, sweden/Ludvika is the stop in rail traffic due to a tree fallen down across a power management. SEE ALSO PLUS the Tires you should avoid: "Cord"

Windy throughout the day

Only late in the evening or during the night is expected to the winds subside in the relevant areas.

– On the island of Gotland, one may probably assume that it will take until Monday morning before it mojnar.

In the rest of the country, however, it is less väderdramatik.

– In large parts of Sweden it will be mostly sunny with a few small molnstråk. It might fall some snow, but likely no larger quantities, ” says Therese Fougman.

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