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Åsa Linderborg: Cuba deserve a different fate – Aftonbladet

Cuba is characterized by violence, writes bourgeois kommentariatet about Fidel Castro’s death.

Enough, Cuba is a dictatorship, and in such states there is always the repression of the present. But is it really violence that characterizes Cuba?

Cuba is a distinct example of the watertight bulkheads between the different articles in the UN charter, universal declaration of human rights. It counts not only freedom of speech and other democratic rights, of which the cubans have very few or none at all. Just as important are the social rights, of which the cubans have an unusually much.

the average life expectancy is higher in Cuba (79 years) than in the united states (78 years).

In recent years, we have seen hurricanes hit different against Cuba and Haiti; one of them rises, the other is knocked out. Everything is about the degree of social rights.

Cuba and Haiti are examples that bring out the right’s selective systemkritik. Abuses in Cuba, which is not to be denied, considered to be due to communism. The ills of Haiti, which is much worse, is not considered to be due to capitalism. A reasonable analysis would say that the economic system and political governance in each country is responsible for the development, but it is never so the debt is distributed.

For US, there was no democratic issues in Cuba before Castro, on the contrary, Batista was the only one of all militärdiktatorer as the White house held under the arms. After the revolution in 1959, Cuba a fix idea. The obsession has nothing to with democratic zeal to do. Castro has been hated not because he was authoritarian and violent, but because he carried the hand on the private property.

In fact, the dictatorship in Cuba has been relatively mild, especially when compared with the väststödda skräckregimerna in Cuba’s proximity – Haiti, Dominican republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua. Or Honduras, where the democratically elected government of the US as a good memory was a few years ago. It is rare to hear Cuba’s critics talk about these countries.

How should one then understand the united states’s monumental hostility to Cuba?

the touch point has precisely to do with social rights. Unlike many other of AMERICA’s enemies and the spheres of influence that Cuba has no natural wealth to put the fittings on, the sugar you can find in other places. What Cuba has is social rights, which made the cuban revolution attractive to other hispanics. The good examples of the threats provoked the fear of a domino effect, and the yankees have acted accordingly.

Is it really violence we are going to talk about that, so is Cuba in the highest degree a victim in the form of foreign invasion, coup attempt, attacks and all sorts of sabotage. Castro has been the victim of so many us assassination attempts, and so imaginative, that you only seen something similar in comic book formats.

not to mention the blockade.

the U.S. blockade against Cuba, which forced all its allies to set up, has been devastating. Castro was not a communist when he led the revolution in 1959, but the US forced him into the arms of Khrushchev. All the degenerates in the Soviet union were transferred to Cuba such as canada, one-party system and the hunting of dissidents.

During the cold war, the US could with any kind of credibility to say that the united states was forced to lather to Castro, because the cigar-smoking, his beard was agent for the russians. It could no longer be happy to say, after the Soviet collapse, but instead to lift the blockade tightened the the. The aim was, in other words, not geopolitical, but ideological and economic, one would strangle an alternative model of society, which in the 90s was being spread around in Latin america.

One of Obama’s virtues was that he modified the blockade, perhaps because he realized that it was the cubans behind the regime – the threat against Cuba has been the real day after day after day. In the negotiations, the low of political prisoners in Cuba in the balance, 110 according to the BBC, which Obama demanded amnesty for 53.

There are many who rejoice in Castro’s death, and that you can’t say much about. You can’t be outraged at them which is sad. In half a century has Castro been a symbol of the oppressed around the world. Cuba has been a progressive role model who encouraged and supported the rebellion against the imperialist and reactionary forces. An example is south Africa.

When apartheidregimens case was celebrated, was placed Fidel Castro on the first bänkraden and the united states, several rows further back (read: in the corner). The united states, which wanted to that everyone would forget that they had supported the rasiststyret all the way into the tile, was crazy cursed but the ANC stood. In his speech, said Nelson Mandela, that we do not forget who is always fighting for our emancipation.

Sure, Cuba is a dictatorship, but even those deserve a more nuanced historiography.

Actually, it is a staggering achievement that a regime in a pyttestat have manage to stay in power for 56 years, despite the US’s bottomless aggression. It testifies to a solid popular support, which is too provocative for many to recognise.

the Cubans are a people who never have had the opportunity to experience democracy. Batista was far repressivare than Castro, but it does not excuse his contempt for democratic rights. There are many and different reasons to oppose the cuban regime.

Revolutionsregeringens the first generation of the opposition was the batista who lost large estates. Many cuban exiles in Miami are conservative catholics who are contesting the kulturradikala freedoms vänsterpolitiken brought with them, such as abortion. Many are desperate about privatekonomins stagnation and troubled over partinomenklaturans benefits. Many have been and are honestly struggling humanists. The dollarstinna see Cuba as a closed treasure chest.

the Repression was greater in the past, simply because the regime can’t be how hard time against a population that is too young to remember Batista and who can not live on the antiquated revolution victory drunken sweetness. Cuba has been stagnant, people want to proceed.

What man could wish for now, is for Cuba to evolve into a democracy without allowing social rights to be sacrificed on the marknadsliberalismens altar. It would be a tragedy if the city of Havana was transformed into a postrevolutionärt Disneyland for the casino players. Cuba deserves a different fate than to be a piggish bouppdelning where the grandchildren to the planters who once fled the country are coming to reclaim the land and the privileges.


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