Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gävlebocken burned already on opening day – Aftonbladet

the Goat in Gävle has been burnt – just hours after the inauguration.

A person is suspected to have thrown a firebomb at the goat from a nearby restaurant, according to Maria Wallberg, who is the spokesperson for the goat.

– We are currently looking actively for a perpetrator, ” says Matilda Isaksson on the police in the region of the Heart.

The 50-årsjubilerande goat in Gävle, was inaugurated during the afternoon on Sunday. Already at 23, the same day it stood in the broad daylight cheap.

the Alarm came in via the SOS Alarm, but when emergency services arrived, it was already thanks and bock.

the Goat was already in flames when the fire department got there, ” says operator at SOS Alarm, to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Police have launched a preliminary investigation of aggravated damage to property.

” We suspect that the fire is laid out. We are currently seeking actively for an offender and agree to interrogate witnesses at the scene, ” says Matilda Isaksson, officers of the police command center in the region of the Heart.

According to Aftonbladet’s photographer in Gävle had a lot of people gathered at the billy goat when it burned.

” Yes, it was unusually crowded and there were also several people away at the main stage. Someone must have reasonably seen anything.

not be Built up again

Maria Wallberg is the spokesperson for the Gävlebocken.

” I just got to know that there has been a person at the restaurant Sarah’s who have thrown a firebomb at the goat. It is a polissak now because it is a crime that has been committed, ” she says to Aftonbladet.

” It feels very boring that this has happened, absolutely unreal.

On the question if the goat is to be built up again this year, Maria Wallberg:

” No, we have said before that there will be only one check mark, so there are no such plans. Also trästommen might have taken damage.

According to Maria Wallberg there should be a clear description of the suspected offender.

– the Person has been observed at the restaurant.

Was not the goat is being watched?

– Well, fixed it all went so fast. It was under video surveillance and there were even security guards there.

"Will rise from the ashes"

Around the clock 23.10 updated Gävlebockens twitter account with the following entry:

"Oh, no, so little time I had with you in years. But believe me, I will rise from the ashes! We’ll see you next year again my friends!"

Alderman Margaretha Wedin (C) in Gävle can be reached by the news that the goat burned when Aftonbladet called.

– No, has it? Yes, what to say. It is extremely boring.

– It is very, very sad and disrespectful for all the people who think this is a very nice symbol. This year was extra nice with a bow tie instead of a bow because it turned 50 years, ” says Wedin.

Costs of up to 250 000

the Mayor Jörgen Edsvik (S) is also upset.

” It’s terrible, it has just been inaugurated with the festival and courtship from Gävleborna.

He says that the goat costs up to 250 000 sek for the taxpayers, and thereto is added the hours which the goat takes to build.

” Here, you put down a large amount of work. But the great value is that Gävleborna see it as a symbol of the city and the children look on it and be photographed with it, ” says Edsvik.

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