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Coordinated pulverattack against several government agencies – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden Several buildings evacuated after alarm, if a white powder. The analysis of the substance at the district court in Borås, sweden now shows that it was harmless.

the Analysis of the substance of the district court in Borås, sweden was in the postal service during the morning was clear during Monday afternoon. It showed that the substance was harmless.

– What we have been given to us by the bombgruppen is that it was a harmless substance in the district court, but we are waiting for further analysis to see what it is like for a subject. Now we move our bet to the police headquarters in Borås, says Caroline Olausson, project manager at emergency services.

Police in Gothenburg had, however, a little more information in the case.

– most Likely, it involves something chocolate powder, O'boy, or so. It is not so dangerous as now, the staff has been able to return to their workplaces. Our efforts now continue on to the police headquarters in Borås and finally to the town hall in Melbourne, confirms the police’s press officer, Peter Adlersson.

How do you see this?

– Regardless of whether it is harmless, it has put to it very much. Those that are contaminated are of course worried until it comes to a definite answer.

West Swedish authorities vulnerable

Several myndingheter got during the Monday morning shipments with any type of white powder in the postal service. At 11-the time alerted the police to an evacuation initiated by the tingrätten in Borås, sweden.

“We work with three events that we are linking where you got the items with some kind of white powder,” says Stefan Gustafsson, police presstalesperson.

Anela Murguz, a freelance writer from Borås, went past the point of just when the operation started. She testified about the police with masks and a lot of effort from the emergency services and the police, several ambulances at the scene.

– It looked dramatic. Not that it was turmoil, it was just a very large bet. Buses blocked the road and I saw two police officers with protective masks at the entrance to the district court, ” she says.

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Multi language

Those who received the powder was the district Court in Borås, sweden, Police in the city of Borås and the town hall in Melbourne. A large number of people sat during the day isolated in the Melbourne town halls.

” We are trapped. We are one of the 70 people that will neither in or out because it is closed-off, ” says Magnus Fleischer, cfo at Svenljunga kommun, shortly after the clock 14.

How are you?

” It is clear that there is spreading concern, but it is very quiet. We have to wait until it comes someone and secure the place. We must await simply. We have food so we’re doing, ” says Fleischer.

According to the emergency services evacuated parts of the district court in Borås after the alarm.

– There are a few that are contaminated. It means that they have got the powder on themselves, said a spokesperson for the Southern Älvsborgs rescue association.

as confirmed by a high court judge at the Borås district court.

– Five persons who may have been exposed of the white powder is kept isolated, according to the Ove Lindström, chief judge at the Borås district court.

“It could be something dangerous”

the Police confirmed that there was alarm about the white powder. Their focus was to ensure the material that they have received.

– We must work for conditions that could be something dangerous. The healthcare system is plugged in and the emergency services and we also sent out technicians to the current locations. We are also working to find out who’s been in the vicinity of this powder and see if there are any symptoms in them, ” says Stefan Gustafsson, police presstalesperson.

Find it any threat then previously?
– There are places that there could be a threat, but we have no picture of a person or organization that addressed threats to these places.

the city of Borås flagged for that there is enhanced vigilance applicable in the municipality after they suspected the threats came in. The municipality stressed that there was no previous threat.

” No threats as far as known been directed towards Borås Urban operations, however, crisis management in close contact with the police. As soon as the threats became known, was informed of all the municipality’s administrations and companies. These were told to be extra attention to their mail, write to the city of Borås in a press release issued by GP.

Extra resources in the army

the Police also established a so-called special event for the incident. The reason was that they counted with more findings and a comprehensive effort. In addition, the commission launched a preliminary investigation with the headings unlawful threat.

Parts of the square outside the court in Birås were also, as well as other locations that received the suspicious powder.

– the Places where the objects are located has been blocked off, then you have to determine from the place to place how extensive the barricade is done, depending on how the buildings look and what it is for the risk of contamination, ” says Stefan Gustafsson.

After the technicians lycktas establish that the powder was some type of mixture of O’boy with something else, police continued to secure other places. Everything indicates, however, that the whole thing is a false alarm.

” It takes incredible resources from the us, the emergency services and health care. Our investigation on the unlawful threat will continue even if all of the alarm proves to be false. The letters will be sent to the National forensiskt center for further analysis, confirms the police press officer in the Western region, Peter Adlersson.


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