Sunday, April 5, 2015

Body found in car in Citadel moat – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Sune Karlsson was 76 years old at the disappearance. We have not found any trace of him and there have been no signs of violence in his apartment. His money has also been untouched.

The last years lived Sune Karlsson alone and he had no close relatives. A police theory was that he ran over a quayside with his car.

– The techniques may identify that it is the right car. Refer to regnumret belongs chassis number, says Leif Persson.

Both the police emergency services arrived at the Citadel at 11 o’clock in the morning after a private citizen alerted police that a car was in the water at the bridge over the Citadel at Castle Road.

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– We were on our way to the Art Gallery but stopped at the bridge over the Citadel for a while. Then we suddenly saw how something glistening in the water. There was a car and it looked like it had been there a long time. When we called the police and it appeared a patrol fairly quickly, says the woman who told police that the car was in the water to the newspaper.

The Rescue divers checked the car and initially told police that no people were in or adjacent to the car.

At 13 o’clock began the salvage of the car but the work had to be stopped after a short while.

– The car had come up with half the page above the water and suddenly yells one of them who worked there “Stop! Stop!”. Then they began to cordon off the area and remove any that stood and watched from the bridge. There were quite a few who had gathered, says the woman told the newspaper.

A corpse had been found inside the car and the police interrupted the salvage operation to cordon off the site.

– We have a anträffat corpse in the car and therefore the car will be towed with the body and taken to the police station in Helsingborg for examination. All indications are that the car and the body has lain long in the water, said Stephan Söderholm, information officer at the police control.


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